Dungeon Hunter 5 IPA

Dungeon Hunter 5 For iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

The legendary Dungeon Hunter series returns with a vengeance! Play the most intense and immersive hack ‘n’ slash Game ever on mobile! After stopping the demon invasion in the Kingdom of Valenthia, the world remains shattered, crumbling at its very core — destruction and desolation seeping from its wounds — but even when we try to rebuild, ... Continue Reading →
Epic War TD 2 IPA

Epic War TD 2 For iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Sequel to the legendary Epic War TD that was downloaded 8.000.000 times! 40% lauch sale! Get the Game for just $2.99 until the price goes up. Prepare yourself to be thrown into the heat of pure tower defense battle. No gimmicks, no free-to-PAY – just strategy, mass destruction and epic battles. Here’s what we’ve got for you: – ... Continue Reading →
Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Web Browser v4.1.2 IPA For iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Puffin Web Browser for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch: Puffin Web Browser is the premium version in the Puffin web browser family. Puffin Web Browser is a wicked fast web browser. With the help of cloud servers, Puffin Web Browser brings the desktop web browsing experience to tablets and smartphones. It renders the full versions of web pages quickly and reliably. ... Continue Reading →

GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES For iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

A new generation in the wolf bloodline. GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES joins the battle on iPhone ! ABOUT THE Game FEATURES ■”FATAL FURY” Series’ new generation title This latest installment in the legendary series from SNK welcomes a new hero with Rock Howard, the posthumous successor of Geese Howard who was raised by the “Legendary ... Continue Reading →
Altos Adventure ipa

Alto’s Adventure For iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Above the placid ivory snow lies a sleepy mountain village, brimming with the promise of adventure. “A piece of interactive art” – WIRED “Already one of my favorite mobile games” – The Verge “Alto’s Adventure demands your attention” – IGN “Alto’s Adventure for iOS may be the most beautiful endless ... Continue Reading →

Pangu8 Jailbreak iOS 8 – iOS 8.1.x Released! Download Now!

Whoa. This is just in. Team Pangu has dropped an iOS 8 – 8.1 jailbreak that works on even the latest iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2, along with all previous devices. The jailbreak though is currently limited to SSH only, and it doesn’t come with Cydia installed. Available for Windows only for now, here are the list of devices and iOS firmware ... Continue Reading →
chaos ring 3

CHAOS RINGS Ⅲ IPA For iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

This Game is only available in Japan App store and also only in Japanese. あの青き星に、キミが望む、そのすべてがある。」 世界中から高い評価を受けている最高峰のRPG「ケイオスリングス」シリーズ最新作! 新たな冒険の舞台とゲームシステムを搭載し、 すべてがパワーアップした「ケイオスリングス」を体験できます。 ケイオスリングス、ケイオスリングスΩ、そしてケイオスリングスⅡを 遊ばれている方にはもちろんのこと、本作から遊んでいただく方でも 楽しめる内容となっております。 青き大空に浮かぶ空中大陸、臨海都市ニューパレオ。 すべての冒険者達は夢と欲望を抱いてこの街に集う。 遥か天空に映る青き惑星『マーブルブルー』に向かうためである。 秘宝、秘境、幻獣、神話、命をかけるに値する冒険―― 多くの未知が眠るその惑星には、冒険者たちの求めるその全てがあった。 都心から離れた小さな村で、妹と共に家畜の世話をして暮らしていた主人公。 ある夜、不思議な声に誘われ一人の美しい女性と出会う。 女性は静かに語る。 「貴方は向かわねばなりません。 あの天空に輝く母なる星――マーブルブルーへと。」 まだ誰も見たことがない世界、どんな願いでも叶えてくれる秘宝、 時の最果てに追いやられた神話の真実。 今ここに、千年の想いが紡ぐ大冒険が、幕を開ける。 ●ゲームの特徴 ・隠しボス、真のエンディングなどのやり込み要素 ・美麗になったグラフィック ・より戦略的に進化したバトルシステム ・豪華なキャラクターボイス、サウンド ・シリーズ最大ボリュームのシナリオ Download CHAOS ... Continue Reading →
NBA 2K15

NBA 2K15 IPA For iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

***NOTE: Compatible with iPhone 5+, iPad 4+, iPad mini 2+ – WILL NOT RUN ON EARLIER DEVICES*** The NBA 2K franchise returns with NBA 2K15, our most true-to-life NBA experience yet on mobile. Featuring NBA MVP Kevin Durant and an eclectic soundtrack curated by internationally-renowned artist and producer Pharrell Williams, NBA 2K15 hits the court ... Continue Reading →
iBomber 3

iBomber 3 IPA For iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Get ready for action and all-new adventures, iBomber is back, let’s go blow stuff up! It’s time to take the battle to the enemy and win the war. Pilot B-17 and Lancaster bombers while searching out key enemy targets and forces on land and sea to destroy! iBomber 3 will immediately transport you into the thick of the action with multiple ... Continue Reading →
Tail Drift

Tail Drift IPA For iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

“Tail Drift is like Mario Kart if it took place on tubes in the sky…” PocketGamer Jump into the pilot seat and take to the skies in this 360 degree arcade racer. Tail Drift is a fast action racing Game where you zoom through fantastic environments. Compete while flying around floating islands, ancient temples and desert canyons, with ... Continue Reading →