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100 Trials Released for iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch

100 Trials

Fusion Reactions today released 100 Trials, the follow up Game app to their well regarded 100 Rogues. 100 Rogues is a dungeon crawling adventure Game currently enjoying a 4 star average in the App Store based on 2,416 ratings.

100 Trials presents a series of 100 individual challenges testing your “combat abilities against a different set of monsters, in a different map, using a different set of tools at your disposal.”

According to the game’s website, this is what you can expect from the game:

“With each level, you will face a stronger and more determined array of terrible monsters that stand between you and victory. At first, only 5 Trials will be available to you, with access to the remaining levels blocked by the mysterious Stone Kittens. More new challenges become available to you when the Kittens recognize your skill, and make the ultimate sacrifice to grant you your hard-earned access to the world’s depths.

As you become more and more adept at the games various strategies, you will find that each Trial has a set of Mastery conditions, which can only be achieved the most advanced players. Most levels are varied each time you play, making successful mastery more than a matter of trial and error.”

100 Trials is a Universal app meaning it is optimized for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Release note:

Fight your way through hordes of monsters! Engage in fiendish combat puzzles on a quest to discover the truth behind the alleged death of the last wild Demon!

100 levels using 4 unique playable characters, each with unique skills.
4 worlds with dozens of monsters and bosses.
Mastery difficulty scoring for experienced players.

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