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2011: OS X, iPod, Apple stores the tenth anniversary of the birth

2011, or Apple Mac App Store will be on the line and hand off Verizon opened the New Year, and later this year, the company will usher in the greatest masterpieces of three ten year old birthday, that Mac OS X, iPod, and the The company’s first store stylized.

10 years ago, Apple’s future is confused, then. com bubble burst, drowned generous investment spending in the high-end products, apple core users – creative designers suffer particularly hard. To make matters worse, Apple just released the new high price of Power Mac G4 Cube, designed to meet the stylish, high-end digital products, applications, at which point the market has been shrinking.

Apple in 1996 and 1997 was 1.8 billion loss in the. com era with the help of Apple in 1998 began a steady return to profitability. But by January 2001, Apple once again facing a deficit of 195 million.

However, later that year, Apple announced three epoch-making product and stick around the fuss, and ultimately through the efforts, Apple in the next decade goodbye to a quarterly loss, even in the larger field in 2008 that the global financial crisis Stop the growth of the industry, Apple is still keeping up the momentum.
Now Mac OS X, iPod and Apple retail stores, these three out of the woods to the continuous development of Apple products, is preparing to usher in the tenth anniversary of his birth. If possible, also hope that they can usher in the tenth anniversary of the birth of the next.

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