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3DBoard is Now Available in Cydia

3DBoard a new trick that is your springboard icons a 3D effect without glasses now available on Cydia Store.

The reason for this kind of work force: true 3D does not require binoculars. If you close one eye, you see only an image, but you can still perceive depth. You can not  see  the depth, as you can with both eyes, but with the movement, and estimates of the brain to understand the depth. In a 2D flat screen flat 2D image, which does not get depth perception change through small movements of the head not the angle on the image. (Monitor instead of the use of cameras in the eye because of its slowness, but I’m looking at it) This kind of effect it works like the perspective changes on the basis of the movement / on the screen. For b and honestly in his hand, he is  better  to close one eye, essentially forcing the brain,  an eye for the calculation of depth,  how the movement changed sign in the background, so the effect.

Buy 3DBoard from Cydia Store for $ 2.99.

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