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64GB iPhone 5 Could Be Possible With New Toshiba SmartNAND

Toshiba has announced SmartNAND, its next-generation 24-nanometer (nm) NAND flash product family. The SmartNAND series integrates leading-edge 24nm process NAND flash technology with a control chip that supports error correction code (ECC) and is available in densities ranging from 4 to 64 gigabyte (GB). It could possibly be used by Apple for its next generation iPhone.
The new SmartNAND 24nm product lineup is a replacement for current 32nm generation devices. Its advanced process combined with a faster controller and internal interface achieves faster read and write speeds and enhances overall performance. Optimized to suit design objectives, SmartNAND supports a range of read and write speeds including four read modes and two write modes.
Samples of the new SmartNAND family are available in mid-April and mass production will begin in the second quarter of CY2011 (April to June). Mass production of the 64GB version doesn’t begin until Q3 2011 which is in line with recent rumors that estimate the iPhone 5 will be released this fall.
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