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7 Elements Released for iPad

7 Elements7 Elements for iPad:

Bucaa Studio proudly presents: [7 Elements] – an all new multi-touch match-3 Game for the iPad.

Set off in a mysterious ancient civilisation theme, [7 Elements] brings traditional match-3 Game to a whole new level.
Whether you are a casual player looking to kill some time, or hard core gamer aiming for the highest ranking among friends, this game is for you!

• How to play:

– Swap any element to make at least 3 of the same kind align in a vertical or horizontal line.

– Remember you can move up to 3 elements at the same time, and if you are fast enough, even more elements can be matched together!

– 4 elements of the same kind will merge into a more powerful, “special element”. 5 or more elements will produce even better “Super Element”.

– Special Gold Elements will turn into gold coins, collect them to purchase Power-Ups.

• Tips for high score:

– Combo: Keep the combo going, the faster you play, the higher scores you will get.

– Special/Super Elements: Each Special Element will give you extra score at the end of the game.

– Multi-Touch: Use Multi-Touch will give you more matching possibilities, as well as extra score at the end of the game.

– X2 Elements: Some random elements will have an “X2” symbol attached to them, those are score multipliers. Match them as early as possible.

– Frenzy Mode: All your scores are doubled during Frenzy Mode, so try to fill up the Frenzy Meter as fast as you can.

– Power-Ups: Using the right Power-Ups will help you have a better chance to score big.

• There are seven different elements in this game: Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Air(Cloud), and Crystal(Gem), each has it’s own unique power: (when matched)

– Gold: Turn into gold coins

– Wood: Produce X shaped power burst

– Water: Wash down everything underneath

– Fire: Burning all the way up

– Earth: Powerful earthquake

– Air(Cloud): Strong wind blows away surrounding Elements

– Crystal(Gem): Turn other Crystals into the Element you swapped with

7 Elements IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Version 1.0: uload.to

Download Full Version

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