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8mm Camera Released for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

8mm camera8mm Camera for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

All you have to do to make nostalgic 8 mm video is to push the record button.
By using this application, you can take the moving picture of old, familiar and heartwarming scenes which are otherwise impossible to reproduce in conventional video. To make sure it is not hard to operate, we realized the operational feeling, which is almost like what you feel when operating the camera application that has been in the iPhone from the start. As you are able to select both the type of color and the screen frame to suit your own preferences, you can make your own original 8mm films.

Functional Detail
9 kinds of effects (i.e. monochrome, sepia, sakura, antique, normal, nostalgia, ‘70s, delight, and modern)
9 types of frames (i.e. box, finder, pinhole, filament, normal, flare, white grit, black grit, and film)
Process the 8 mm film later into the video which was already saved
Tap the screen to activate auto-focus and for exposure compensation (*for rear camera only)
The “fluctuation” switch reproduces the blur of the top and bottom of the screen, which is the characteristic of 8mm video
Support the HD image of 1080 x 720 pixels (*only for iPhone4S)
Ready for shooting with front camera
Switch the flush on and off
The thumbnail view makes it easy to select the effect
Make even more sentimental video by putting the BGM which comes with the application
Added the clattering sound of turning projector
Able to shoot silently without sound

When replaying after having it saved in the Camera Roll of the iPhone, the edge of the screen is seen cut off sometimes. You can display the entire screen by double tapping the screen. If shooting was made while wearing an earpiece, the recording from the microphone would not be possible.

Your opinions and comments are of paramount importance for further improvement of the application, “8 mm Movie Camera”, in the future.
If you have any feedback, kindly give us your time and send it to us through Review whether it is your opinion, comment or request.

8mm Camera ipa

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Version 1.0: FileFactory

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