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A Letter To iPlayPlus VIP Members [Must Read]

This letter may take you some time to read over, but please read every word I written down here. Thank you!!!

First of all, thank you all for joining our VIP membership. We are not able to live on the web and get as many as great stuff for you without your supporting. Our site doesn’t fill with advertisements and we are planning to take them all down  in the feature. So we need your support. But some of you breaking our VIP rules.

Most of our VIP members are nice and followed every single rules on our site,but a few of you didn’t.  I have already knew that some of you sharing our VIP stuff elsewhere outside of iPlayPlus and some accounts have been inactivated or deleted. I don’t want to do that any more. I don’t want to banned any of you,because you paid me your money,your real money. A couple of dollars maybe meaning nothing to you,even no meaning for me. But, this is serious money, right? You paid to get something from me, that is business.   A good business is basic on trust,and that is the first rule on doing business. However, people that sharing our stuff are  not followed this rule at all. So, you will lose your account and your money.

Is our VIP membership fee too expensive? No!!

You can check some other sites and they charge over 4 dollars /month. Our price as cheap as only $2.99 /month, that is just a cup of your morning coffee. We are changing our price very frequency, this month for $2.99, but next probably is $0.99. One thing for sure is, we are not going to increase our price to over $2.99 /month.

It worth to joining our VIP membership? Yes!!

We have many of great stuff  that you cannot find anywhere else.If you did find some, but they are not as good as ours. Even some of them are stealing from us.(Our bad VIP members did that). There are so many [email protected] on the web are stealing from us. You can come and check out this later. We are always the first one release some of [email protected], such as Ice age village ,Inotia 4 PLUS , N.O.V.A.3, Men In Black 3 , C.H.A.O.S. RINGS II, MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2,THE KING OF FIGHTERS i 2012 and more…Once a popular Game released on app store, we then start to hacking the game and releases on iPlayPlus.Why so many of you coming in to us from Google search ? Why we showed up on the first page on Google? Because we are the only one have the thing that you are exactly looking for. But why you can find the same thing after a few days from Google? Because the bad people on our site sharing them, and saying all credit come to them. Let me tell you something, that kind of people don’t have any skills to hacking any of games.

Are there any free stuff for everyone? Yes!!

There are many great stuff that supposed to be VIP members only but we released them on public for each of you for free, and more are coming…

Why we are charging money for these?

Great question, but let me ask you a question first. Why you paying your food at restaurant? Same thing here, I spend money on apps and games, I spend my time on cracking and hacking apps/games.  You really thinking that hacking games is a simple thing? Well, some of games are,but most of them are not. I need to play the game first then start analyses the data,change the data…that needs a lot of time. Your time is money, my time is sh!t? Also, I spend money to buy mediafire pro account to let you download apps,games,hacks directly, and uploading is sucks too. I spend over 12 hours in front of my computers everyday to make everything out for you, and most of them are free. My time is money too!!

Where all the money goes?

The money that charged from all of you are going to spend on our website host, buying more apps/games.

Can I join you as part of your team?

Yes, everyone is very welcome to join me. But I don’t have time to teach you everything on cracking /hacking. Drop me an Email to james [at] appleguider.net for more information.

The End

This is a long letter, sorry about my bad English and thank you for reading this.The most important thing is, DO NOT share our VIP stuff, please!!

Thank you all our VIP members and other nice readers.

– J8mesz

May 26, 2012

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