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About iPlayPlus

iPlayPlus (formerly AppleGuider) is your source for iPhone,iPad,Mac OS X and iPod Touch tips, reviews, news, analysis and opinion on everything Apple. Founded in 2010 (Nov 08,2010).

iPlayPlus features in-depth Apple Inc., iPhone,iPad,Jailbreak news, how-to tutorials and jailbreak guides, the latest iOS apps,games reviews and download. We are now focusing on iOS game hack, iOS game cheat and  in-app purchases .

At iPlayPlus, we make great efforts to be a top influencer in the cracking and hacking community by consistently making exclusive game hacks and being the first to release new game IPAs and game cheats our readers care about.

You can engage with us right here on the site, through RSS, on Facebook, via @iPlayPlus on Twitter and on Google+ page.

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