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Aby Escape 1.3 fixed bugs

Aby EscapeAby Escape for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Run Aby, Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuun !!!

Help poor Aby, the unluckiest and clumsiest raccoon, escape from his assailants. Whether being pursued by the hunters in his native forest, by the police in town or by the bikers on Route 66.5, Aby never stops running to escape from all these dangers.

Slide, jump and accelerate to dodge all the obstacles in your path. Collect coins and Unlock loads of power-ups. Achieve the best score you can and complete 50 exclusive challenges.

Progress through 30 levels split across 3 different universes, and take on every kind of obstacle and unique situation: a catapult, an American football stadium, elephants, and trucks, just to name a few.
Get an overview of the next update by completing Story mode.

– 50 challenge to take on in Unlimited mode
– 30 levels in Story mode
– Lots of enemies to shake off or avoid (hunters, policemen, bikers, footballers, elephants, etc.)
– Lots of power-ups available (Ghost, Magnet, Extra life, Shield, etc.)
– Objects to Unlock (characters, shoes, etc.)
– Universal iPhone/iPad version
– Game center

This game is free on NZ app store. There is no screen shots from App Store.

What’s New in Version 1.3

– Bugs fixed
– Improved Framerate
– Updated controls
– Updated prices

Aby Escape ipa

Aby Escape ipa cracked

Download Aby Escape Cracked IPA

Version 1.3: Syfiles

Version 1.2 : FileFactory

How to hack Aby Escape to get unlimited coins:

Aby Escape hack

1. Install Aby Escape. Finished one game. Exit game and close from multitask.

2. Remember how many coins you gain from the first play. For example, 52 on my screenshot.

3. Sync “com.bulkypix.abyescape.plist” from var/mobile/applications/xxxx/Library/Preferences to your desktop

4. Open the plist file, search the amount of coins you just gain (i.e 52) or search ” totalCoinsUNL”

5. Change the number between <integer></integer>,like 999999

6. Save the plist file, sync back to where you just get it from. Done!!

How to unlocked Story Mode?

Just using the coins to buy everything you need. Buy the story mode then download full game pack.

Still don’t know how to do this? Join our VIP membership, I will do it for you!!

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