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Ac1dRa1n Jailbreak 4.3.1 is FAKE [Warning]

Since many jailbreak and Unlock tools have been announced in the internet that Some guys are claiming that they have a jailbreak tool called Ac1dRa1n to jailbreak iOS 4.3.1. They give themselves PwnDevTeam. The team members are @P01sonN1nja, @SwampFox56, @Gr0undbreak1ng, @iJailSnowBreak, @IP4pwn. You have to know that Ac1dRa1n is a big FAKE, don’t give them any donations (all jailbreak and Unlock are free tools)

They also claiming that Ac1dRa1n will be tethered and also it will include an option for Qu1ckboot using which you will be able to boot your iOS device in tethered mode with just one click. Moreover Ac1dRa1n will be released for both Mac OS X and Windows and it will not work for iPad 2. You may feel that this is a real tool, but please stay away from such tool as it may harm your iOS device.


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