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AdBlocker 1.52 deb for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Newest feature: Block Smart App Banners in Safari (v1.51-2)

For Safari and other Apps with web browser functionality!

AdBlocker is an easy to use and powerful tool, similar to extensions for your desktop browser. It blocks ads in Safari and other apps which are using browser-like views (UIWebView). If an app is using UIWebViews to display content (other browsers like Skyfire, browser in a twitter client,…) AdBlocker will block ads from being loaded and tries to optimize the space. It does not block ads like iAds or AdMob. For that please add repo.yllier.net as repository to Cydia and get the free AdBlockerNetworks.

AdBlock will reduce your data usage and often speed up loading of pages by blocking image based ads; extremely useful if you have a limited cellular data plan – it will save you money!

BlockLists are being downloaded from the net. No need to create huge configurationsfiles yourself.

AdBlocker is very fast, regex-based tool and can handle lists with thousands of entries without noticable slowing down the apps. Lists for 17 languages are build in, but you can easily add custom lists. Just google ‘adblock lists’ to find urls.

This is a true AdBlock equivalent to extension for desktop browsers, it uses huge lists that can single out specific parts of a domain, or only folders from a domain or even just a single image and therefor is superior to adblocking methods based only on hostnames.

Check Preferences.app for Settings and features.

AdBlocker is designed to block image based ads in webcontent like websites and YouTube.app add videos.

Cydia and all other applications which run as root (only a few apps from Cydia) are not supported.

BigBoss, the hoster of this package and repository, approached me to remove the blocking of ad networks like iAds or AdMob (v1.51-1). Blocking ads in websites is still possible and was always AdBlocker’s main feature. BUT you can add repo.yllier.net as repository to Cydia and get AdBlockNetworks for free. It will provide that functionality.

fast and reliable AdBlocker
for Safari and other apps
add custom lists

AdBlocker for Safari and other apps

Fix for YouTube 2


adblocker deb

Download AdBlocker 1.52 deb: iPlayPlus Direct link | LimeLinx

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