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Age of Barbarians v1.1 added virtual sticks

Age of BarbariansWe have met Age of Barbarians 2 weeks ago and I guest all of you love this Game. And yesterday, Age of Barbarians got updated to version 1.1 with virtual sticks added,you can switch the control style in options.

Features stunning 3D characters and captivating environments beautifully rendered in HD (Hi-Definition) graphics. Powered by the Unity3D game engine, this game brings to life an amazing adventure, set in a savage and treacherous world. Explore different worlds, fight off hordes of enemies and overcome the boss at end of each level to progress.


The game features innovative simple and intuitive controls. You can fully control your character with simple TAP & SWIPE your finger, for example:

▶RUN : tap on left/right to run in that direction

▶JUMP : double tap on screen to jump

▶ATTACK: swipe on a monster to attack

virtual sticks added, you can switch the control style in options

★★★Build Up Your Character

Upgrade your character and Unlock the mighty Barbarian feats such as as RAGE ATTACK, LEAP ATTACK, BARBARIAN RUSH, BATTLE CRY, EARTHQUAKE, and BATTLE FURY in the game.

Age of Barbarians 1.1

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