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Alarm Clock – Wake Me Up HD For iPad User

Alarm Clock – Wake Me Up HD is a damn cool App for iPad user.It is awesome with a very nice designed. You better to have one for yourself.It is a new app released yesterday on version 1.0.Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.


The Alarm Clock – Wake Me Up application offers every iPad owner to acquire the most informative alarm clock, according to the modern functional characteristics. The alarm Alarm Clock – Wake Me Up contains all the necessary refinements, without which we could not guarantee you a qualitative performance of your expectations.
Do you really appreciate the quality and refinement in all that surrounds you? If so, you will immediately notice the strong points of the application Alarm Clock – Wake Me Up, because we have created it not only for pleasing most of the people, but also for making it useful!
★Put your iPad in a place where you usually sleep. This may be a small cabinet beside the bed or a shelf. Leave the application on, for using it anytime you need to know what time is. You will see on the colorful integrated design the glittering figures of the current time.
The application is very useful in any situation! In order to activate the iPad screen with the application on, just glide your finger across the screen and it will turn on. For turning off the screen, do the same action and the bright light of the backdrop will not distract you from sleep.
The application Alarm Clock – Wake Me Up contains some very useful features and strong points:

✔ As a tune of the alarm clock you can use any song of the iPod or you can chose one from a special gallery of the application.

✔ The main interface shows your local time, date, day of the week and the name of the city where you are.

✔ As well, the main menu displays the current weather data for your location.

✔ You have the ability to turn on and off the screen by simply moving a finger across the screen of your iPad.

✔ The option AutoLock gives the opportunity to set the time for locking the screen automatically.

✔ You can change the alarm tone.

✔ The application supports multitasking, so if the phone rings, the program will continue to operate immediately after the iPad returns to the network connection regime.

✔ The settings of the application are extremely simple.

✔ There is a set of variations of the basic design of the application at your choice.

You can purchase Alarm Clock – Wake Me Up HD on app store for only $0.99 USD.


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