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Alarm Clock! – With Instant Light, Turn on the light For you

Turn your iPhone into an instant digital alarm clock! Get the best and most feature rich Alarm Clock with front light in the market!!!
The simple and easy to use alarm allows you to add multiple alarms times, select different sounds for each alarm, receive background notification when the alarm rings, plus many more unique and fun features. Brighten up your day by using this beautifully designed app!

★ Why Should I Download The App? ★
As a bonus feature for iPhone 4 users. the app uses the front camera light on iPhone 4 as a camera light and turns on when the alarm activates! No more having to search for where the light switch is in the dark. The light turns on when the alarm does, and even turns off when you snooze the alarm! No need to turn on the lamp and wake up your partner. The first and only alarm clock with instant light for iPhone 4 users.
Do I have to have the an iPhone 4 to use the alarm app?
No, this is a bonus feature for iPhone 4 users, however, the alarm is fully functional for all iOS devices.
✓ Vibration Only Alarm
✓ Front Light With Alarm (Must Have)
✓ Automatically Display Local Weather Conditions
✓ Set Alarm To Play Your Favorite Music
✓ Alarm Snooze
✓ Customize Snooze Time
✓ Setup Multiple Alarms
✓ Customize Alarm Display Settings
✓ Shake The Alarm To Turn On/Off
✓ Battery Power Indicator
✓ Beautiful Alarm Clock Display
✓ Change Display From Portrait Or Landscape
✓ Shake device to turn on flash light
✓ Plus many more features!
iOS 4 Users, Alarm Rings In Background Even If App Is Not Running ★ –
★ 1st Example of where you can use the alarm + light would be if it’s dark in your room when you wake up! Simply activate the light to turn on when the alarm rings! Now you no longer have to search for the desk lamp, or if you want to simply get up then you might not need to turn on the light. Be safe when walking in low light but it can come in handy even if you have a partner that is very sensitive to light.
★ 2nd Example of where the alarm can come in handy. is the easy to use vibration feature! If you’re a light sleeper and so is your partner. Then try using vibration alarm to see if you can wake up. Simply put the phone under the pillow or where you can hear the vibration. If it works for you then you now have an alarm that wakes you up and not your partner!
* We highly recommend you test the alarm few times to make sure its working properly and you’ve set it up properly before using it during your daily routine.
Note: The instant light feature is only for iPhone 4 users. However, alarm clock is fully functional on all devices without instant light! The vibrating feature is also for all iPhone users only and will not work on an iPod or iPad.
* Extended use of the front light will drain your battery quickly.*

What’s New in Version 1.5

What’s New:
✓ Fixed Alarm Ringing At Wrong Time Bug, Occured On Few Devices
✓ Fixed Weather Display Bug
✓ Improved Performance
✓ Fixed Small Bugs


You can purchase Alarm Clock! – With Instant Light from app store for $0.99.

Or download the cracked IPA file below for free,only for jailbroken iOS devices.

Download Alarm Clock! – With Instant Light 1.5 cracked ipa

Make sure if you like this app, purchase it legally through the app store.


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