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Amazing Dreamboard Theme Puts OS X Lion on Your iPhone [Video]

Check out ‘OS X Lion Ultimatum’, an amazing Dreamboard theme that brings Lion to your iPhone complete with Finder, LaunchPad, Stacks, Dock, Draggable Windows, Status Bar, Mission Control, Dashboard, and Lockscreen.
OS X Lion Ultimatum is, quite simply, the most accurate, best looking, and easiest to use OS X port. Every image was made by hand in Photoshop to ensure the highest quality in image clarity and the optimal proportion for the iPhone screen. OS X Lion Ultimatum finally brings the complete Mac operating interface into the palm of your hand.
LifeHacker outlines quick instructions for installing the theme on an iPhone with Dreamboard installed already:

Here’s a very little guide on how you can bring Lion to your device:

Step 1: You will need to install Dreamboard, which is free on the ModMyi repo, one of the defaults unless you’ve opted to remove it.

Step 2: Then you must add “fnetdesigns.com/cydia/repo” (without quotations) to your source list in Cydia(Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add).

Step 3: Whilst in Cydia still, go to the Changes tab at the bottom, and install Theme Outlet.

Step 4: Once installed, exit Cydia and open Theme Outlet which will be located on your SpringBoard.

Step 5: Within Theme Outlet, you should see the OS X Ultimatum theme. Download it.

Step 6: Finally, open Dreamboard, locate and install the theme.

Check out the theme in the videos and photos below…
[via SAI]

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