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Analysis that iPad is not suitable for enterprise

January 4, according to the reports, iPad development in 2010, much faster than the iPhone, and users are still working to explore more of its use of space. The biggest problem is how to a greater extent in the enterprise environment to use iPad.

Take the Boston Fine Arts (MFA) is an example of the museum, IT director Phil Gethcell said, “We do not have staff fully equipped iPad, the whole museum is only 10, mainly for the exhibition of specific projects.”

ChangeWave study released last month showed that many companies are considering how to make better use of tablet PCs. In a survey of business IT buyers, 7% of the respondents said their companies currently using tablet PCs, 14% said their companies will purchase the first quarter of 2011, Tablet PC, iPad is a shopping list the first choice. ChangeWave also found, however, users have the Dell and Research in Motion is also increasing interest in the latter business-oriented users PlayBook Tablet PC will come out first quarter of 2011.

MFA example, they use the iPad has two main purposes. First, MFA’s receptionist who need lightweight portable mobile devices to help them to visitors to provide timely information about the museum. Second, the sales department can use the list of members iPad museums, real-time sales and other e-commerce capabilities. MFA said that the iPad Gethcell easy to operate, because it effectively limits the scope of use can also prevent employees will use the company’s iPad home.

Wells Fargo’s senior vice president Sharon Murphy also noted that her company is still in beta for the iPad, is to explore the advantages and disadvantages of the product lies. iPad can in some smart phones and laptops to replace some of the features, but the short term can not replace it completely. iPad quickly to the user to provide timely data and information is of great advantage, but for larger files or mass data, or computer more useful. She explained, “We will be divided into two camps: information consumers and providers. IPad is no doubt the former, while the latter can not exercise the same as the function of the computer.”

Putting aside the business users will iPad for what purposes, business users select the most important factor is that their safety. Forrester analyst Christian Kane pointed out that business users on the iPad or cautious, because they are not clear what security measures need to be taken. Although the iPad own encryption and remote wipe functionality is very strong, but the security of third-party applications yet to be verified. He said, “Some business people need to support multiple platforms for mobile management device, such as Android and the iPhone both for the operating system. The Tablet PC market is relatively young and is still in development, Apple’s developers also need to constantly strive to offer more security applications. ”

Safend corporate security vice president of product management, said security for Edy Almer iPad tablet PCs and other products, is more important than smart phones. Because the tablet PC than the conventional corporate data stored on smart phones and more and more. In the iPhone, people in addition to the general e-mail will not be edited outside the other documents, and e-mail itself is safe. In Tablet PC, there are many things you can do, such as doctors can use it to interpret the results of medical images, which is patient privacy, is the machine on the personal health information confidential, once lost, will likely reveal their personal data.

For third-party security applications that, Almer said the company are generally concerned about what data can be a clear division of property into the company iPad. This will reduce the company risk losing sensitive data, because in most cases, people who have not read it before critical data is erased by remote control. Meanwhile, corporate users can also use some measures, such as iPad only company licensed to enter the work area, so easy to judge those who need to implement security measures to protect the data.

Murphy also believes that if the company intends to use the office network iPad, best spend more time on third-party applications. A similar, Gethcell also think that many companies use a wide range iPad before, it is best to ensure its security requirements.

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