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Anger Birds Lite For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Today a new Game released called Anger Birds Lite by Impressol. It’s a very simple to play.Amazing Effects and Sound effects.As long it is free,you can try and see how it goes.


“Anger Birds” is a Cracking Anger Birds game where you have to crack the Birds and make more points
this application is to break the Anger Birds and get maximum score .
There is 4 life of the user.
At first the player playing game in 1st level of his life.
You have to save your life by not touching the Black and Red Birds, Those are life Killers
If you touch the Black/Red Bird , then you will loose your life 1 by 1 unto 4 levels of level,
When you will reach at 0 , then after that you have only one chance to play the game. Again if you touch the Black/Red Bird then your game will over,
You will get your final score
The player has to break the all the Birds except Black and Red Birds
Have fun Bird Cracking while flying .
The more Birds you break the more score you gather.
And after you complete one level then the level of this game will increase.

You can download Anger Bird Lite from app store for free.Current version is 1.0.Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later


Download Full Version

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