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Apple Accept Exchange Your Used iPhone 4 To The New iPhone 4S

Even though the iPhone 4S is a compelling upgrade, it doesn’t cut it for some people for the various reasons. Just like with the iPhone 3GS, people passing mostly on the iPhone 4S are the ones who signed on a dotted line when the iPhone 4 launched so they aren’t eligible for an upgrade. Well, Apple has thought of that. Sweetening the deal, the company will now accept your used iPhone 4 and pay for it up to two hundred bucks, depending on its condition. Just head over to the Reuse and Recycle program at Apple’s site and hit the Get Started button underneath the “Get an Apple Gift Card for your old device” section.

If your used iPhone 4 manages to fetch a cool $200, congrats – you just bought yourself a 32GB iPhone 4S free of charge (with a two-year contract). As part of yesterday’s reshuffling, the iPhone 4 is now available only with eight gigabytes of storage and priced at just $99. The iPhone 3GS, meanwhile, has gone free. Both older iPhone models require a two-year plan to fetch those prices. Apple is also offering the iPhone 4 and 3GS without a contract commitment for $549 and $375, respectively.


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