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Apple adds Verizon to retail store’s EasyPay terminals

Apple has added Verizon Wireless to its retail store’s EasyPay terminals, in order to check upgrade eligibility for users as they buy new iPhones.

An Apple retail source forwarded a screen shot of the new EasyPay “Check Upgrade Eligibility” screen, which lists AT&T and Verizon as options, under the instructions to pick a carrier to check upgrade eligibility (shown below).

Verizon announced it would be carrying the iPhone at a highly anticipated event last week, and has said its calling plans will remain the same.

However, the company hasn’t yet outlined the data plans that will be available to new iPhone 4 subscribers on its network, and if these will differ from the existing plans currently in use, for existing subscribers or new ones.

Verizon currently offers similar voice and text plans to AT&T’s, but also offers an unlimited data plan as well as WiFi tethering. Neither of those are available on AT&T, which only offers Bluetooth or USB tethering, and which counts tethering use against the user’s existing data contract.

Verizon’s current plans allow users to consume unlimited data and opt for 5GB of tethering access at an additional monthly charge.

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