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Apple asked Government relief outside income tax

Over the past few years, a substantial increase in cash reserves Apple has now close to 600 billion and still growing rapidly. Apple launched a number of observers have suggested some of the profits of stock repurchases or dividends to reward investors, while others hope that Apple continue to hold the cash to enable business investment in the future, to seek greater returns. • Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the company’s October 20, 2010 at about earnings, Apple will seize the current cash, to grasp the “hard to find one or more strategic business opportunities.”

But the cash may not be immediately used. According to “Fortune” reported that due to protest outside the U.S. federal government charged 35% income tax, Apple profit from the international market, several large companies have been facing financial situation can not be recovered.

To address this situation, Apple and other giants are working hard to lobby the U.S. federal government, want a one-year “tax holiday” to allow their return from abroad back to the United States, while only 5% tax. They reasoned that it is idle to this overseas funds in foreign bank accounts, it is better to invest in the U.S. market, to stimulate the economy.

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