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Apple Blocks Saurik’s SHSH Servers [Update: No]

Apple has reportedly blocked all of Amazon to prevent saurik’s SHSH servers from accessing gs.apple.com, according to chpwn.
Apple has blocked all of Amazon (where @saurik’s SHSH servers are hosted) from accessing gs.apple.com (Apple’s SHSH server). /cc @notcom
The solution to the SHSH "issue" is just saving them locally (and submitting to Cydia, once there’s a "submit my SHSH" feature).
We’ll update you as soon as saurik comments on the matter…
It looks like chpwn was mistaken. Saurik reveals that it was a code ‘snafu’ that prevented his servers from saving new blobs.
My SHSH proxy (which has never been run off of EC2) had a simple code sync SNAFU keeping it from saving "new" blobs. 🙁 This has been fixed.
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