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Apple cancels 10% restocking fee: or help Verizon version of iPhone

According to 9 To 5 Mac reported, Apple iPhone will be released on Tuesday announced the Verizon version will no longer return the product to the user a 10% restocking fee.

Apple retail stores in accordance with the provisions of the current users to buy goods can enjoy the return within 14 days after the service, but must be deducted 10% of the retail price of restocking fee. However, starting from Tuesday, Apple will cancel the charges.

Although there are still using the 14-day return period, but before it expires if the user will return the product to Apple, do not need to pay 10% restocking fee.

Apple has not yet reached for comment, but the other one by the U.S. technology blog Engadget has confirmed the news source.

It is unclear whether the policy applies to all Apple products, or only for certain commodities, such as the Verizon version of the same day as iPhone.

U.S. tech site Electronista that Apple has launched this policy is to just buy for the version of AT & T offers iPhone users an opportunity to go back to enable Verizon to switch to zero-cost version of iPhone.

It is reported that Apple and AT & T Verizon has already lost a large number of users ready and is currently stepping up production of 6 million to support CDMA network iPhone.

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