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Apple Completes Work on a Sprint iPad?

Apple has reportedly completed work on an iPad destined for Sprint’s data network, according to 9to5Mac sources. This report follows another from yesterday that said Sprint will carry a 4G iPad.

The Sprint version of the iPad is completely separate from the CDMA Verizon model. We can’t confirm that this new iPad will run on Sprint’s powerful 4G WiMAX network, but the question begs to be asked: Why would Apple build a new iPad for Sprint and not use the CDMA iPad that Verizon already carries? A report yesterday from TUAW seemed to imply that a 4G iPad from Sprint would be happening at some point.

The Sprint iPad is expected to launch before the holidays and possibly alongside or soon after the launch of the iPhone 4 on its network.

9to5Mac believes the launch of the iPhone 5 is still scheduled for October 7th.

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