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Apple COO Cook: Android, compared with more emphasis on integrated experience iOS

According to reports, Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook (Tim Cook) in the Apple shareholders meeting, said that in the past year, Mac computer sales rose 31% to 14 million units, is 2 times 3 years ago . During the past 5 years, Apple’s PC sales growth each quarter in excess of PC industry average, the global PC sales reached 375 million units that Apple still has enough room for growth.

Cook said that over the past year, Apple’s iPhone sales to double to 40 million; iPad bring revenues of 50 billion dollars.

Cook said that over the past year, Apple opened 44 new stores, iOS equipment sales reached 160 million, iOS App Store application downloads up to 100 billion. In the fourth quarter, Apple TV set-top box sales reach 100 million units. He said that over the past year, Apple shares rose about 70%, the S & P index over the same period rose 20%.

In response to shareholders of cash reserves, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer  said the company hopes to cash reserves for the “important thing”, and no limit cash reserves. Growing cash reserves that normal business operations.

Cook pointed out, iOS emphasis on “integrated experience.” Android will “allow users to become system integrators”, as Android mobile phone manufacturers have every hardware and customize the user experience, so non-uniform Android platform is inevitable. If we can increase production, Apple can sell more iPhone.

On protection of intellectual property issues, Cook said that Apple filed more than infringement lawsuits. He pointed out that Apple has taken a lot of intellectual property protection preventive measures, but there have been some mistake.

Apple’s vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller said, “We love competition,” the company has achieved remarkable success, other companies have followed the design of iPhone and iPad.

In response to the threat of Apple and Android-related issues, Schiller said, the situation completely different from the 1990s, Apple’s product line also differs from that time, Apple learned the lessons of the past. He said at the time, Apple’s rivals are Compaq and IBM, which has been acquired by other companies or sold PC business. Schiller pointed out that after the PC equipment, the importance of integration is much higher than desktops. In the post-PC era, Apple is the undisputed leader. With App Store, Apple’s lead in software. Enterprises are rapidly deploying iOS equipment.

In response to whether the Game as a potential market of the problem, Cook said the launch of iPod touch, “we have entered the gaming market”, iPhone and iPad a large number of users to download games.

In response to publishers Schiller subscription plan with the Apple-related issues, said that public disclosure of information under Google, Google is only using its website subscription system to receive the equivalent of 10% of the cost of revenue, the application of this proportion is 30% , Amazon and other applications with the same store.

Oppenheimer said, App Store business only “slightly profitable.”

Cook in Chinese foundry workers about toxic issues that include employee safety and environmental protection in all aspects, including, “Our standards are the highest,” Apple has been suspended and “incorrigible” the cooperation of suppliers. Apple has led the firms in compensation to employees injured 300 million U.S. dollars, and urges the Government to pay attention to this issue.

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