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Apple Design Awards Will Only Consider ‘App Store’ Apps

Apple design award 2011

Apple has announced that its 2011 Design Awards will only consider applications in their App Stores.
Last year developers were upset when Apple dropped Mac apps from the Design Awards altogether. These year Mac developers with applications in the Mac App Store will qualify; however, many hard working developers will still be left out.
iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps on the App Store will be considered by Apple to receive an Apple Design Award.
Apps must be available on the App Store by May 23, 2011, to be considered for an Apple Design Award.

Showcasing Apps That Set the Standard for Excellence
This year’s Apple Design Awards will be awarded to developers whose iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps are currently on the App Store and demonstrate excellence in the following areas:
● Well designed apps are delightful, elegant, intuitive, engaging, exciting, compelling, and reliable.
● Innovative apps are revolutionary, inspirational, unique, and do things in completely new and exciting ways.
Technical excellence
● Technically advanced apps have excellent performance and make extensive use of the latest Apple technologies to deliver innovative, platform differentiating, and advanced features.

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