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Apple details GSM, CDMA iPhone differences

Apple has issued a technical support document detailing the GSM and CDMA version of the difference between the iPhone.

GSM standard in the sales after years of iPhone models, Apple last week, Verizon jointly launched a CDMA iPhone 4. As
To avoid user confusion, Apple published a support document to explain the iPhone GSM and CDMA versions of the difference.

“iPhone supports many phone features including call waiting, call forwarding and conference calling. Depending on your operator’s network
Network mode, you can use different methods to activate and use these features, “wrote the article.

According to the attached chart, call forwarding, call waiting and caller ID settings in the GSM iPhone’s Settings panel adjustment
Whole, but in CDMA iPhone, users need to dial the number to enable or disable the feature.

In addition, GSM support for up to five people to participate in a conference call at the same time, while the CDMA version of the same time with only two calls. “In some cases
Case, CDMA network may not add, change or merge call, “the article mentioned. Also according to the chart, CDMA iPhone unsupported  call waiting.

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