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Apple disabling non-developer devices running iOS 5? Doubt it.

According to a report from Karthikk (via AppleInsider) Apple is disabling “non-developer” devices that are running iOS 5. The move may seem unsurprising but we have our doubts, like TUAW. Apple, earlier this week, disabled all iOS 5 devices that were running betas 1 and 2. Our iPad running beta 2 was disabled as well – and it is registered to a developer account. Theoretically, there is no way that Apple could know if a device running iOS 5 is not being used by a developer. Apple provides 100 UDID slots to developers so they can beta test their upcoming software with many iOS device users. Apple does not ask developers to specify which UDID actually belongs to the developers.

Apple has no way of telling if people are using the devices just to test the new iOS or to beta test upcoming App Store applications. The thought of Apple doing this simply makes no sense to us. On the other hand, the report also claims that Apple is going after developers who are selling UDID slots to people who want to give the new operating system a spin. First of all, there is no way Apple could know who is selling developer slots unless they specifically advertise their business – like some people do. The people who choose to sell slots without advertising online are likely safe from Apple.

We did receive a tip from a person, though, who claims that their developer account was recently shut down due to their selling of UDID slots:

My iOS developer account was disabled by Apple recently, last month, as it had appeared that I was breaking the agreement (iOS PLA) by distributing Apple confidential data.

Granted, I was selling UDID slots.

In summary, we doubt that Apple is disabling “non-developer” devices running iOS. It does appear, though, that some sellers of UDID slots are being shut down.


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  1. So last thing. T downgrade do I need to put my iPad in dfu, because when I jailbroken me iPod touch and wanted to put it back to normal, I simply clicked restore. Please answer quickly! And tell me what I need to restore. Thanks

  2. Hello,
    I have registered my iPad UDID to a website and I don’t know if it has been shut down. I am still running beta 6. Do you think that if beta 7 comes out, will it brick my device without a UDID or should I just download the 4.3.3 software and install it back on my iPad? What should I do??? Please answer ➡

  3. i have registered my iphone’s udid with a developer’s account and i have been testing iOS 5 Beta 1, 2, 3 and 4. and just recently i downgraded my iphone back to 4.3.5 because i am not yet so satisfied with the iOS 5 Betas, and because i was also thinking to downgrade to 4.3.3 but unfortunately it was unsuccessful, so i am now stuck with 4.3.5 with tethered jailbreak. now since Beta 5 is out, i am thinking of trying it, but when i read the postings on apple disabling non-developer devices running iOS 5, i am kinda hesitant now… or is it really true that apple can disable non-developer devices running the iOS 5 betas? but as i read your posting here, i kinda agree with what you have said here. it is somewhat impossible for apple to disable such devices. in what way they will know that a certain idevice is a non-developer device. so, what do you think? shall i update to Beta 5? 🙂

    • I will say that’s fine to update to iOS 5 beta 5. But I myself don’t have time to testing on Beta 5 yet. If you updated,welcome back to share.We are very happy to hear from anyone. 🙂

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