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Apple Evaluating Three iPhone 5 Prototypes, One With Slideout Keyboard?

Apple is reportedly screening three iPhone 5 prototypes, just one of which consists of a slideout keyboard, based on Apple.pro.

There are three iPhone5 prototype
One is sliding cover
is the intro near to the keyboard shortly after the part cover

The website also particulars an additional product that appears comparable toward iPhone 4 and features a additional effective battery and enhanced camera.

The other just one will be to the foundation is now iPhone4
The hardware specifications to enhance
More effective battery
Behind the footage near to the provider or large grain of light-based
current eight million and twelve million contacts provide expenditures nearly
So iPhone5 will use 800W or 1200W lens do?
If you hold out the lens with 1200W document will consume up many space as well large for that
image document you upload movement image toward FB will be ridiculous like a cloud it
Therefore, below thing to consider or in institution and 800 million often like (better compared to latest 500 million)

Unfortunately, the yahoo and google translation is very poor. If anybody can provide a much better just one please allow us know. Apple.pro consists of a relatively exceptional observe report in conditions of Apple rumors. They made pictures near to the iPod nano touchscreen, the light iPhone 4 include and battery, along using the MacBook professional redesign before to their release.

The declaration also reiterates reviews of the thinner apple iPad 2 receiving a built-in camera.

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