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Apple hikes UK prices

Apple has hiked its UK prices, including for the iPad, iPhone and Mac Book Pro, following yesterday’s VAT increase from 17.5% to 20%. The technology giant’s site was down on January 4 as pricing was adjusted to reflect the rise.

The move comes despite many retailers and manufacturers promising to swallow the increase in the first few months in a bid to keep consumers spending. Web analytics company Hitwise said online retailers saw brisk trade in the days leading up to the increase.

It is understood that the price of an iPad has risen from £429 to £439, while the Mac Book Pro, previously £1,999, has been nudged over the £2000 mark.

Elsewhere, clothing retailer Next confirmed that is prices were likely to rise by about 8% this year due, in part, to the VAT increase. Announcing its results for the five months to December 24, the retailer said the December snow has cost is £22m, with store sales down by 3.1% up to Christmas Eve. It was offset by an 8.7% increase in online sales.

While further prices rises are expected on petrol and other essential items, such as food, retailers Debenhams, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer have promised to delay implementing the increase or take on the additional cost themselves.

The UK government hopes the 2.5% increase will raise £13bn this year as part of its bid to reduce the country’s debt.

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