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Apple Implementation of NFC Will Have a Unique Twist?

According to AppleInsider, Analyst Brian White with Ticonderoga Securities issued a note to investors today saying that Apple’s approach to NFC in the iPhone 5 will have a unique twist.

White said that his sources have indicated to him that the next iPhone will include NFC technology. However, Apple’s approach will reportedly have “a twist that will make it unique versus his peers.” White did not give any indication as to what the “twist” could be.

In November it was reported that Apple’s next iPhone may feature Near Field Communication technology for remote computing. The idea was that if you wave your NFC equipped iPhone at an NFC Mac, the computer will load all your applications, settings, and data. This will let you work at the computer as if it was your own. Then when you move out of range the machine will return to its previous state.

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