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Apple iPad 2 starter Impact Supply Chain

According to Taiwan media reports, Apple’s 2nd generation Tablet PC iPad 2 production plans appear variable, before the industry came into operation because of Apple’s design for the iPad 2 as amended, together with the yield on the new design to be improved touch, has disrupted the assembly plant Hon Hai’s production line project.

Upstream component in the industry have pointed out that although Apple iPad2 still expected to release in the second quarter as planned, but the immediate problem of terrorism will be put into operation under the revised number. The rumors, including Hon Hai and Apple have said that the message does not comment on rumors or confirmed.

The industry time to market for iPad2 many rumors to the current industry supply chain, production schedule received, by the end of February production plan remains unchanged, but the yield by iPad 2 and part of the specification and design touch correction, resulting in fear of the first iPad2 Apple production target from the original 40 million to 60 million units, down from 30 million to 40 million units.

Chip-related industry that Apple did not cancel in the first quarter production plans, but some can not catch up with the progress of the yield components, resulting in the number of the first trial production will be revised downward, to Apple’s standpoint Moreover, since not previously open to the public over iPad 2 listing-related agenda, the so-called natural no delay in listing issues.

In addition, the original intention in January Apple will have to Hon Hai shipping in volume, but was limited by iPad 2 test schedule has been delayed in the firmware, plus the industry body said iPad 2 frame chassis similar to the iPhone 4 adopted design, the thin glass paste and double degrees combined yield is low, thin touch panel demand higher degree, resulting in the actual production time for a change and then change. Supply chain industry, said that unless there is no substitute for key components in the supply side issues, or the product itself has serious flaws, or even Apple itself has a strong lead in the design, which also does not have mass production in the product early re-re-design changes.

Although the outside panel for greater stability of yield and supply concerns, but because Apple also has LG Display, Samsung Electronics and Chi Mei Optoelectronics and other sources of supply, the industry that, and will not be because the panel deferred a result of the supply is less than goods, also present, including PCB boards, agencies and other related components supply chain industry, were not confirmed to have received iPad 2 components required deferred delivery message, though the number of suppliers and methods are very confidential, but also available at this stage is still the default in the original plan.

Foundry, the current Hon Hai base in Chengdu Export Processing Zone, a total of 52 production lines production planning iPad, an annual capacity of more than 40 million units, although the production line on job status after the success of Hon Hai, the Chengdu plant capacity is still unstable, iPad 2 The first principle is still the main supplier based in Shenzhen factory.

Supply chain industry is estimated that by 2010 sales volume of 14.8 million units iPad to stocks, Apple in January when only 100 million to 150 million units iPad inventory in the market, while Apple’s January volume of the first generation of La iPad Only about 180 million to 200 million units, began to prepare for iPad gradually exit from the iPad 2 taking over in the second quarter, but Apple iPad 2 when put into the poor performance, iPad first generation of channel inventory levels may face tension pressure.

Supply chain industry that if the intention to raise the first generation of Apple iPad shipments, inventories are still plans to support the market, sales channels, the inter-face period, once stretched, the supply chain industry threatens to affect, in particular, the original supply chain is expected to iPad 2 temperature in March will appear from the results of the variable. However, a number of competitors in terms of iPad, iPad 2 listing appears variable, iPad-Like Products chance to grab business opportunities.

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