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Apple iPhone alarm problems persist

It seems that the bug with the iPhone‘s alarm function hasn’t been sorted yet, as Apple promised it would be.

As we reported yesterday, this problem hit after the new year arrived, with the smartphone taking a turn for the dumb and failing to wake folks up (just as another bug did after the hour changed back in the autumn).

Apple said that the issue, which appeared to plague single alarm settings this time round, would be solved by January 3rd, today.

Yet Reuters reports that bemused iPhone owners are still complaining that their alarm failed this morning, for a third day running. Only some users, mind, as others seem to be saying that their alarm went off fine.

We had a dig around on Twitter ourselves, and this does appear to be the case. Twitter member Charlie Hooper posted: “My partner set her apple iPhone alarm, it didn’t go off even on the 3rd.”

Another tweeted: “So my 8.45 alarm call has still yet to go off! Stupid bloody iPhone!”

On the other hand, Twitter user Cimota said: “My iphone alarm worked. Go figure.” And Vmarks1984 agreed: “Mine too.”

So it appears to be an inconsistent bug at this stage. Apple is yet to comment today, but we’ll keep our ears open for any word from Cupertino.

Meantime, you might want to rely on more traditional, older methods of awakening yourself for work, such as the trusty radio alarm clock, or your mum shouting you for breakfast (get her to give you a call).

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