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Apple is planning to build products in Brazil

It appears that Apple has formalized its plans to build products in Brazil according to a local report today.  A machine translated exerpt:

A new record made by Apple in the Commercial de São Paulo (Jucesp) indicates that the company will begin assembling products in Brazil.The new company name listed as Computer Systems Apple Computer, Industry, Trade Representative, Export-Import LTD.Information is available on the Jucesp.

Three weeks ago, Foxconn was said to be setting up operations to build Apple products near São Paulo, Brazil so it isn’t clear if this is a joint venture.

Rumors of Apple factories in Brazil first started in April of last year when a report said that  Apple was pondering a move for cost savings.

The company is pondering production of iPhones and MacBooks in Brazil in an attempt reportedly aimed at cutting prices for Latin American consumers, it’s claimed.

Apple will need to join a Brazilian scheme that offers tax breaks on component imports in order to encourage final product assembly inside of that country.


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