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Apple leaks clues to new MacBook Pros on its own website?

Apple official website gets leaks new MacBook Pros,reports 9to5mac.

If you do a search on Apple’s online store for ‘MacBook Pro’, you get a list of Apple’s products. In that list of products, there are two mysterious entries for ‘MacBook Pro Memory Models’ toward the bottom with the caption “Ships: Coming in November”.

Perhaps more interestingly, they link to the following two URLs which aren’t currently active:



We’ve heard that these could be the spare part part numbers for the new MacBook Pros and the 2_33 and 2_4 could be the new speeds of the quad core Intel Core processors (current is 2.0 to 2.3 GHz). If they are spare parts, these often ship a week or so after the new products so the MBPs could come sooner than ‘November’.

Update: 4 year old MacBook Pro RAM has a similar URL but it isn’t certain if the two parts are related.


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