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Apple Offers Free Shipping in the U.S. Until December 22, Today Only in Ca

We’ve barely got the Black Friday madness out of the way and now we’re into Cyber Monday! Traditionally the first Monday after Black Friday, ‘Cyber Monday’ is the day that online retailers try to persuade customers to shop online, and Apple is no different.Start today,Apple is offering free shipping on everything bought via the U.S. online Apple Store until December 22nd, however, today only in Canada.

Today only in Canada:

Apple is expected to see this Christmas be its best yet, with sales of its products looking strong across all ranges.

Research has already shown that the iPad is proving popular amongst the wishlists of children and adults alike, and the iPad 2 is almost certainly going to be one of the best selling items in the Apple Store this holiday season.

With three iPhones now being offered, Apple is also expected to see plenty of its smartphones fly off the shelves this year, too. The iPhone 3GS is an enticing option for those on a budget, and with the iPhone 4 still an extremely attractive option Apple may have the market sewn up. Throw the premium iPhone 4S into the mix and Apple now offers an iPhone for everyone.

One things for sure. If you’re an Apple shareholder this Christmas it’s fair to say your company is going to have a good Holiday this time around. Just like it does every year!

Head over to this link and start shipping your goodies for free now!

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