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Apple plans to use their maps in future products and navigation

Apple’s new recruitment website, according to information display, Apple’s future products may be published in their own maps and navigation software.

Jobs said Apple’s Web site, Apple iOS team will employ four or more experience with navigation software developers. Apple is looking for more than three years developing a powerful high-quality software systems experienced personnel. Has extensive knowledge of computational geometry graph theory or the person will be preferred.

This new advertisement suggesting Apple is not the first time the field will expand the map. Apple iPad’s iOS 3.2 for the operating system gave up the location of Skyhook and Google rely on the information and support to use their own database. Apple acquired in July this year, the map software company Poly9, acquired in 2009, the map software company Placebase.

Apple iOS system default map application since 2007 has been released the first iPhone is to use Google’s graphics software. Now, Google has become Apple’s mobile operating system in the strong field of competitors. So, Apple should minimize dependence on Google services.

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