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Apple Provides ‘iPhone 4S’ Devices to Gaming Developers for A5 Testing?


Apple is reportedly providing select gaming developers with an ‘iPhone 4S’ device which uses the A5 processor, according to a 9to5Mac report.
They already have select developers working on versions of their iPhone applications that take full advantage of the next-generation iPhone’s speedier and much more powerful hardware. These developers, seemingly from high-level gaming outfits, have been given what is essentially an iPhone 4 but with an A5 processor instead of an A4. The device itself is virtually identical to the iPhone 4, and there is no way anyone can tell it’s not an iPhone 4 based on the phone’s exterior.
The person who chose to share this information with us calls it the ‘iPhone 4S’, though the device itself only has typical Apple prototype nomenclature. He also shared that the device spends its evenings in a safe in the company’s offices.

9to5Mac notes that these devices are not necessarily previews of the next generation iPhone except for the A5 processor which is basically a given now that the iPad 2 has been released. This does however indicate that Apple realizes how important gaming is to the platform and is taking steps to make sure iOS gaming excels.
The ‘iPhone 4S’ is reportedly using a modified version of iOS 4 that supports the faster processor.

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