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Apple Releases Xcode 4 Developer Preview 6

Apple has released Xcode 4 Developer Preview 6 which adds a new command-line tool for measuring an application’s performance.

New Features
Performance Measurement and Analysis
● There is new command-line tool for measuring an application’s performance without launching the Instruments application: iprofiler. After making the measurements, you can analyze them with Instruments. A new framework, DTPerformanceSession (located in /Library/Developer/4.0/Instruments/Frameworks) allows your application to create performance measurements of itself or other applications. 7773305

● In the Manage Schemes dialog you can specify whether to create schemes automatically with the “Autocreate schemes” option. You may want to turn off automatic scheme creation in a large workspace, where automatic scheme creation produces too many schemes. This setting is shared with all the users of the workspace.
You can have Xcode create schemes with the Autocreate Schemes Now button. 7952053
● You can add an Xcode archive file (.xcarchive) to the archives organizer by double-clicking it in the Finder. 8791305
● You can use a workspace-relative location for derived data. 8242521

Task Information and Alerts
● Enhancements to the execution of alert scripts:
• The scripts can access the Xcode user environment variables.
• The value of the PWD environment variable is a path to the directory that contains the current project or workspace.
• The new XcodeAlertAffectedPaths environment variable contains a colon-separated list of full paths to the affected files. This variable replaces the IDEAlertAffectedURLs environment variable. 8748528

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