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Apple Retail Stores to Implement NFC Payments?

Apple may be planning to equip its retail stores with NFC payment processing capabilities, according to BGR.

Recent reports have been predicted that the next generation iPhone will not have NFC; however, information from their sources contradicts these reports.

First off, Apple’s POS devices — its iPod touch-based wireless payment terminals — recently all went offline for “maintenance” for an entire day, leaving customers unable to purchase some items or return merchandise. Additionally, we have been told that there were recently multiple “overnights” in Apple retail locations, which required store employees to “assist in installing TBD devices” throughout the stores “as the retail segment of Apple grows.” Lastly, sources tell us that there have been new tables installed in stores that have different wiring compared to Apple’s standard tables. They also have cash wraps built in, but they aren’t being used yet and employees have been instructed to wait for further information.

BGR’s sources believe that NFC will be one of the new features brought about by the new gear. If Apple retail does get NFC its very likely that the next iPhone will get NFC as well.

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