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Apple Retail’s 10th Anniversary Poster is Full of Interesting Factoids

An Apple Retail 10th anniversary poster describes in typical Apple grammar and philosophy what the company has learned from operating a retail chain, according to ifoAppleStore. The 24×36 poster appears in the back-of-house of Apple’s retail stores.
In 1,812 words and 125 sentences, the company admits its mistakes (ministores), celebrates its customers, reveals trivia (500,000 mosaic tiles at the Opéra store), recalls international lessons learned (Japanese superheroes don’t wear capes), and concludes that its employees are at "the center of all."
We’ve learned it’s better to adapt to the neighborhood rather than expecting the neighborhood to adapt to us.
Our first store, in Tysons Corner, taught us our first lesson within the first 30
minutes. We had just opened the doors when we noticed the steel already needed polishing.
We’ve also learned more than a few things about stone. Like how to reveal granite’s true color with a blowtorch.
We once had a notion that ministores would offer the ultimate in convenience. Then we built one. Which showed us that bigger can actually be better.
The poster is reportedly called "We’ve Learned a Lot" and there are many, many more interesting tidbits you can discover by reading the transcript here.
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