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Apple revamps its public website using HTML5

Apple has relaunched its entire website with a new design using HTML5, adding a darker, glossy navigation bar and speedy new animated page layouts for Mac and iPod pages.

Today,by checking out in AppleInsider,we found out that apple website using HTML5 already.The redesign officially upgrades the site from “HTML 4.01 Transitional” to the latest HTML5, enabling such elements as a dynamically resized search field in the navigation bar that enlarges to accommodate search terms, as well as adding richer support for mobile features.

The new Mac section debuts a new “product slider” interface, which animates a series of icons depicting the families of Mac products, Apple’s desktop applications, accessories, and server related products.

A similarly animated iPod section presents iPod models and accessories, as well as a panel of “iTunes and more,” which includes links to download iTunes, purchase gift cards, and special sections for Nike+iPod, (Product)RED, MobileMe, and headphones.

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