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Apple Set to Launch Web-Based Video Subscription Product?

Apple may be set to launch a web-based video subscription product, according to Jefferies analyst Peter Misek.

BusinessInsider has compiled some highlights of Misek’s report.

● Apple’s North Carolina data center is going live soon, if it hasn’t already. Apple appears to be building a second one right next to the original.
● These “super data centers” are too big for anything other than video.
● Content companies are preventing apps from streaming their channels; perhaps due to negotiations with Apple. “We find it notable that the content companies, citing a lack of domain license, asked Cablevision to remove channels from its iPad app. We believe these same companies are negotiating some sort of deal with Apple.”
● Video product could be subscription based and follow an App Store model
● Steve Jobs could be stepping down soon and this could be his final act
● Inclusive video service would drive sales of Apple devices
● Will seriously increase bandwidth demand on ISPs, cost cable companies customers.
● Apple could launch either a new set top box or an actual television in 2012 or 2013.

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