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Apple Stops Serving iAds in Kids Apps for iPad?

Apple has stopped serving iAds in applications that target young children, according to an email posted by developer Michael Zornek.
Michael is the developer behind Dex, a utility for browsing Pokémon on your iPhone. Last Thursday he noticed an iAd fill rate of 5%. Then on Friday a 0% fill rate, then on Saturday another 0% fill rate. After contacting Apple received the following response.
Hello Michael,
We periodically review the apps in the iAd Network to ensure that all apps receiving ads are aligned with the needs of our advertisers. Currently, our advertisers prefer that their advertising not appear in applications that are targeted for users that are young children, since their products are not targeted at that audience.
We appreciate your understanding.
Best Regards,
iAd Network Support Apple, Inc. 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA 95014

While this is an understandable move by Apple, it is unfortunate for developers and shows that Apple’s iAd inventory is still limited.


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