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Apple Store Will Carry TikTok/LunaTik Wristbands for iPod Nano

Scott Wilson has managed to get his TikTok and LunaTik wristbands for the iPod nano from Kickstarter to the Apple Store, according to a fastcodesign report.

Wilson raised nearly $1 million from 13,500 backers when he debuted his designs for an iPod nano wristband on Kickstarter. At first many thought that the higher quality and consequently higher priced wristbands might not succeed.

“A lot of people just don’t have the instincts to know whether it’s going to sell, so they just don’t want to gamble,” Wilson says. “But to see it globally accepted across 50 countries, that’s not much of a risk.” But before operation Kickstart, even Apple wasn’t convinced people would pay more for high-grade materials. “I bounced it off of different contacts at different retail channels, and they all decided that it needed to be in that 34.95 to 35.95 sweet spot,” Wilson recalls.

Wilson ended up selling twice as many of the more expensive LunaTiks than the plastic $39.95 TikToks. “And then we added a black one for $89, and it actually sold better than the other two combined”.

It turns out that 76% of customers bought the iPod nano because of the watchband. Apple will be carrying the LunaTik in silver and red for $79.95 and the TikTok in black and white for $39.95.

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