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Apple Stores get new displays next Wednesday; new products?


We’ve been told that Apple will be holding one of their overnights – which seem to be a weekly thing lately – at their chain of retail stores next Tuesday night. The overnight is being held in order to setup new displays in each store’s glass front or within the actual store setup. Apple Stores currently have large book displays in the back of their stores. These books are a part of an Apple partnership with the Teach for America Foundation.

Our sources are unsure if these books are next Wednesday’s new displays, but it is likely. We are posting this as it is also possible that Apple is launching new products on Wednesday. Separately, we have confirmed that new MacBook Airs are imminent but have yet to pinpoint an exact release date. Also in the pipeline are new AirPort Extremes (which, by the way, are no longer found on the sales floor at many locations), Time Capsules,Mac minis, and Mac Pros. We should be getting some new intelligence soon, so stay tuned!

Update: We are now hearing that some stores got some new boxes – in addition to the books. These could be related to the new Teach for America foundation visuals, though.

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