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Apple Television is Being Benchmarked Against the Bose VideoWave

The rumored Apple Television would be similar to the Bose VideoWave integrated home entertainment system, against which it’s being benchmarked, reports Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry.
“Apple HDTV is directionally similar to Bose VideoWave TV, in terms of simplicity, reducing clutter, image quality and sound quality,” Chowdhry theorized. He adds that Apple will take it a few steps beyond to eliminate any cumbersome aspects.
The VideoWave requires three cables, but Chowdry says an Apple HDTV would likely require just one.
“Bose VideoWave HDTV is 6 inches thick and has 16 speakers,” Chowdhry writes. “Apple HDTV will be one third of that thickness and will also have 16 speakers -– these 16 built-in speakers give a complete surround sound experience, without the need for any external speakers.”
The VideoWave costs $5,200 and features a 46″, Apple will reportedly produce three models of its television across a range of price-points.
Other features mentioned are iTunes and iCloud support.
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