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Apple tells education customers: no more boxed software except Logic

It seems Apple is about to cease (almost) all shipments of boxed software to its education customers. ZDNet has published an email that was sent to “a major academic institution” (ZDNet does not mention who wrote or distributed the email, but it sounds like it could have come from a member of the school’s faculty or staff). From the message:

“Apple confirmed today that, with limited exception, they will cease to ship boxed software to campus resellers. This includes Mac OS X Snow Leopard , iLife, iWork, Apple Remote Desktop, and Aperture, among others…The only products that will remain as boxed software offerings are Logic Express and Logic Studio.

The email’s author goes on to encourage interested parties to sort through the remaining stock of boxed software for anything they might need.

Apple opened the Mac App Store in January of this year, which saw the beginning of the end for boxed software for consumers on the Mac. Now that Apple set to sever the supply of boxed software for educational institutions, it moves even closer to all-digital distribution.

The exceptions, as noted in the email, are Logic Express and Logic Studio. However, that is presumably only because those two software apps aren’t available on the Mac App store yet. When they are, boxed software from Apple will see its final day.


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