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Apple Testing New Stackable Mac Pro Design?

Apple is reportedly testing a narrower and shorter design for the Mac Pro that would let it fit in a 3U rackspace, according to 9to5Mac. The box is estimated at just over 5 inches wide and 19 inches tall.
This possible new design could alleviate some of the system administrator distress caused by Apple’s discontinuation of the Xserve. The new machine is said to carry "stacked" drives with two drives per sled which will allow a higher drive density than what’s already out there. These stacks are not only built for conventional hard drives, but faster, more reliable SSDs in different configurations. The width of this system configuration is said to be 3U (U = 1.75 inches).
Professional users have been waiting for a Mac Pro update that will bring i7 and Thunderbolt capabilities to the desktop. Its thought that perhaps Apple will time the Mac Pro refresh to coincide with the new Final Cut Pro release in June.
Stackable Mac Pro Design

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