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Apple to Allow Self Checkout via iOS App at Apple Retail Stores

Apple is planning to update its iOS app to provide customers with the ability to self checkout while shopping in Apple retail stores.

High value products such as Macs, iPhones, and iPods are kept in the stockroom at Apple retail stores, meaning that customers purchasing these items will still require assistance from a store employee. We have, however, been told that customers will be able to pre-purchase these items through the app and simply pick them up with the assistance of a store employee. But for the plethora of accessories, cases, and other items stocked directly on the sales floor at Apple retail stores customers will soon be able to purchase these items without needing to catch the attention of a store employee with an EasyPay device to complete the transaction.

Once a user has checked out via the iOS app they will be able to show their receipt to any employee to confirm their purchase. Presumably, Apple will have a couple designated employees stationed near the exit to facilitate this.
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